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I help churches and ministries understand and reach millennials and Gen Z.

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I have a heart for seeing young adults live authentically and passionately as followers of Jesus.


I desire to see churches and communities that intentionally raise up devoted, resilient young leaders who will impact their churches, communities, country, and world with radical, everyday faithfulness to Christ. Parents and grandparents play a critical role in this process.

Meet Benjie Shaw


Raised an Army brat, I now call Watkinsville, GA home with my wife, two kids, and horse-sized dog.

I'm on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Georgia. Previously, I worked with a different campus ministry organization at UGA, Middle Tennessee State, and in Memphis, TN for almost 9 years.

I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University (go Eagles!) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In my free time you can find me juggling 4-6 books at a time, eagerly expecting the next Marvel movie, trying new recipes, and doing my best to match my kids' energy levels.

Talk Topics
Image by Şahin Sezer Dinçer

The Christian Life as Apologetic

You've done your apologetic homework. You've shared the reasons why belief in Jesus in reasonable. You've validated the historicity of the Bible. And yet, lost people aren't flocking to faith in Christ after you conversations.

What gives? The problem is that people aren't solely logical creatures. While good arguments are necessary, a distinctly Christian life is the most effective tool in our arsenal as we seek to influence others towards Christ. 

Navigating the Minefield: Addressing the 5 Most Pressing Apologetic Questions from Young Adults

Young adults have lots of questions about how their faith addresses pressing issues. Unfortunately, they often find that their faith communities lack a strong understanding of the issues facing them or seem to possess a lack of compassion in their position. How can we help young adults balance grace and truth to the most pressing issues they face?


Sharing the Gospel with
Atheists, Agnostics,
and "Nones"

"Nones" are the fastest-growing religious group in the country and the largest group among those under the age of 29. Atheists and agnostics are also making steady gains in the population. Who are these people? And how can Christians faithfully share Jesus with them?

Talk Topics




"Benjie Shaw is a fearless and gifted communicator of biblical truth with the rare blend of strong conviction and sensitive compassion. Benjie is a well-prepared Christian speaker who brings solid Christ-centered precepts into our rapidly changing culture."

Dr. Randy Davis

Executive Director of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board


Benjie Shaw is a uniquely gifted speaker that understands the importance of discipling the next generation. His years of experience as a collegiate ministry professional allows him to see the identity formation opportunities on which leaders can capitalize in ministry to youth and young adults."

Jason Thomas

African-American Church Mobilizer at the International Mission Board


"Benjie greatly helped churches in our association understand how to reach and disciple millennials. He is an excellent speaker that is able to communicate complicated ideas in an easy to understand style with actionable insights."

Larry Murphy

Executive Director of Missions at the Madison-Chester Association of Baptists



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